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Library Policies:

Cell Phone Use

An increasing reliance on cell phones is a reality today, however, the use of cell phones can be disruptive in public places. The Mardigian Library has established this policy to provide for cell phone use while also supporting an environment that promotes study and research. Your cooperation is essential in helping us make everyone’s experience at the Mardigian Library a positive one.

A. Cell Phone Use:

  • Cell phone use is prohibited in these     No Phone Zones:
    • 3rd and 4th floors (these floors are reserved for silent study)
    • Circulation desk and other user service points in the library
    • The corridor between rooms 1208-1216
    • Restrooms on all floors
    • Emergency exits/stairwells
  • Quiet cell phone use is permitted in Phone Friendly Zones:
    • Everywhere else in the building.
  • Please note:
    • You may be asked to leave the building if you use a cell phone in a " No Phone Zone", or if you carry on a conversation on your cell phone in a loud and/or disruptive manner.

B. How you can help:

  • Turn your cell phone off, or, set the ringer to “vibrate” before entering the Library.
  • Cell phone conversations should be:
    • kept to a minimum
    • conducted only in "Phone Friendly Zones."
    • conducted quietly
  • If you are using your cell phone in a public stairwell, please do not block stairway traffic.
  • To minimize noise, consider the option of using text messaging while in the library, instead of conducting phone conversations.
  • If you receive a call when you are in a "No Phone Zone," move immediately to the stairwell, or the nearest "Phone Friendly Zone," talking in low volume as you do so.
  • Report any inappropriate, disruptive behavior by contacting library staff at the Circulation Desk.


Library Users with Disabilities

The staff of the Mardigian Library will assist persons with disabilities to gain access to library resources and services. The following policies govern the assistance that the library provides:

  • Library Research Center staff will provide assistance as needed to UM-Dearborn students with disabilities. Students who require extensive help may make appointments with the Library Research Center.
  • Library Circulation Desk staff will assist library users who need physical assistance retrieving library materials (for example, reaching a book or journal on a high shelf).
  • For individuals who are registered with Counseling and Support Services, Circulation staff may make other accommodations as necessary, such as extending loan periods. There are two ways to determine if an individual is registered: individuals may have a letter from the Counseling office or library staff may call the Counseling office directly.
  • When the ITS Computer Lab in the library is closed, Circulation staff will contact Public Safety to admit registered students into the lab so they can access the assistive equipment room.
  • If any member of the UM-Dearborn community with disabilities needs frequent assistance that is difficult for library staff to provide, library staff will contact Counseling and Support Services to discuss possible alternatives for providing assistance.

Approved: Library A-Team
October 28, 2010


User Privacy

It is the policy of the Mardigian Library that the privacy of all users shall be respected in compliance with University policies (SPG 601.11), federal and state laws, and professional standards. This policy applies to all resources regardless of their format or means of delivery and to all services offered by the Library.

Data on individuals will not be shared with third parties unless required by law. In Michigan, library records are protected by law: the Library Privacy Act (Act 455 of 1982; 397.601 - 397.606 of the Michigan Compiled Laws). For the Mardigian Library of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, such records include circulation and acquisition records, interlibrary loan transactions, reference queries, reading histories, user service preferences, and authentication logs for public workstations

To aid understanding of the use or value of resources and services the Library may aggregate and retain user data for a reasonable period of time. It will, however, neither collect nor retain information identifying individuals except during the period when and only for the purpose that such record is necessary to furnish a specific service (for example, loaning a book, ordering a report, recording user service preferences, or for internal service evaluation)

Approved: Library A-Team
March 10, 2011

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