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The Color Kittens
Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by
Alice & Martin Provensen
Random House, c2003
Cover image used with permission.

Susan Wineberg Gift

Susan Wineberg’s interest in children’s books relates to very pleasant memories of her childhood. She was read to every night, and her family had scores of Golden Books and Wonder Books to keep them fascinated with text and pictures. When Susan and her brothers were too old for them, the books were given to Goodwill for other children to read and enjoy. Later in life, she longed to see these books again, and she began collecting the books she remembered having as a child. It was then she learned that many of her favorite titles had been written by famous authors and illustrated by famous artists. Susan was able to collect almost all the books she fondly remembered—many of which were still in print. Others were found in used book shops or places such as the Ann Arbor Friends of the Library Bookshop. And she enjoyed reading them as an adult as much as she did as a child.

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