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Click on a question below to get the answer. If your question isn't answered below, contact us by clicking the "Ask a question" icon above.


1. How can I get help with my research (by telephone, e-mail, or instant message)?

Click on the Ask a question link at the top of every library web page.
2. I'm looking for the library catalog. Where is it?

The library's catalog can be found on the library's home page or the catalog webpage.
3. How can I find out if the library has a subscription to a specific journal?

Go to the Find a Specific Journal web page.
4. What is a research database?

A research database is an online compilation of electronic journals, electronic books, or other types of information (such as statistical data).
5. How do I get to a research database (like JSTOR, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, etc.)?


• If you know the name of the database you are looking for, click on the first letter of its name below the heading "Databases A-Z" on the library's home page
• If you are looking for a database in a certain subject area (Anthropology, for example), choose the subject from the scrollable list under the subheading "Search by Topic" on the library's home page.

6. Can I access library materials from off campus?
7. I'm having problems using a research database from home. Please help me!
8. I need to use APA (or Chicago or MLA) style for my paper. Where do I find information about that?

From the library's home page, click on "Citation Info" under the "Reference" heading. Or, go directly to the Citation Info page.
9. I'm looking for a textbook for my class. Do you have it?

As a rule, the library does not collect textbooks from classes. But, there is a slim chance that we either have a copy of the textbook or have an older edition of it. Check the library catalog.
10. I'm looking for a movie. Do you have it?

To find out, go to the library's home page and click on the "More Searches" link under the Library Catalog heading. On the next page, click on the "Video" tab. Or, go directly to the Video Search.
11. UM-Dearborn's library doesn't have a book or journal article that I need. How can I get it?


• You can get books from other libraries by submitting a request through MeLCat or Interlibrary Loan. See the Interlibrary Loan page for further information about either of these services.
• You can also borrow materials at other libraries.

12. My professor or instructor said that I need to look at something on "Course Reserve". How can I get at that?

Is the item on reserve in the library? If so, go to the library's home page and click on "Course Reserves" (under "Services" on the left side of the page) or go directly to the Course Reserves page. Sometimes, however, the instructor means "electronic reserve". If that is the case, you need to check the system used by the instructor (Blackboard, CTools, or VLT).

13. I'm a distance education student. How can the library help me with my class assignments or research?

See the library's Distance Learning page for further information.
14. Do you have any cool web tools, gadgets, or widgets that can help me with my research?

Yes, we do. And, we expect to add more as we become aware of them. See our Web Tools and Gadgets page.
15. Where are the copy machines? Do they accept cash or do I need a copy card?

Photocopiers are located on the first floor, next to the main stairwell. We do not use copy cards; copiers accept change or dollar bills. Copies are 10¢ each.
16. Do you have quiet places to study?


• Yes, the 3rd and 4th floors are reserved for silent study. Please use your cell phone only in the stairwell on these floors.
• Quiet group study is permitted on the 1st and 2nd floors.

17. Where can I watch election returns, the State of the Union Address, Presidential new conferences, and other events of national significance?

A television can be found on the 2nd floor of the library, near the stairwell, set to a national news channel.

My Account

18. How can I find out what I have checked out? I lost my date due slip; how can I find out what my book's due date is? How can I renew a book?

Click on My Library Account at the top of any library web page.
19. I can't remember my library password (PIN). What do I do?

Go to the PIN Help blog post for help.
20. How can I turn on My Reading History? How do I turn off My Reading History?

Go to the My Reading History blog post.
21. How do I receive notices that my book is due soon or overdue notices? How do I pay a fine?

Go to the Notices and Fines web page.


22. What do UM-Dearborn students, faculty, and staff need in order to check out materials?

Your MCard. See MCards and UMID Numbers for further information.
23. How do I get a replacement MCard?

See Photo ID - MCard for further information.
24. How long can books, DVDs, audio tapes, etc. be checked out?

Loan periods vary depending on your status (faculty, student, etc.) and what type of material you are checking out (book, DVD, etc.). See Loan Periods for further information.
25. I want to get a book. The computer says it is available, but I won't be on campus until tomorrow (or the next day). Can I put a hold on it and pick it up when I'm on campus?

Sorry, no. Books are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
26. I need a book that is checked out. Is there a way that I can get it?

Yes. You can put a hold on a book or have it recalled. An explanation of the difference between holds and returns and how to hold or recall materials can be found at Holds and Recalls.
27. I want to check out books from another library. How can I do that?


• You can have books sent from another library to the UM-Dearborn library using MeLCat.
• You can visit the UM-Ann Arbor and UM-Flint libraries.
• You can visit many other libraries that allow UM-Dearborn students, faculty, and staff to borrow books.

28. I am not a UM-Dearborn student, faculty, or staff member. Can I check out books? Can I use research databases?


• You can check out books if you belong to a MeLCat Visiting Patron library, a reciprocal borrowing institution, an Infopass institution, or if you purchase a guest card. See Who can borrow materials for more information.
• Because of our license agreements, the only way that you can access our databases is to come into the library and use our public computers.


29. I want to add links to articles on a class web site. How do I create links that can be used from off-campus?

You must create a stable URL. Some research databases provide stable URLs, but some don't. To create a stable URL or to see which databases provide stable URLs, see Linking to Articles.
30. I want to show a movie to a class. What do I need to know?


• You can reserve UM-Dearborn library and UM-Ann Arbor videos online.
• If you need to reserve AV equipment, see Campus Audiovisual Support Contacts.
• Information about copyright and showing commercial videos can be found on the Campus Policy for Commercial Videos web page.

31. The librarian said that class handouts are online. Where are they?

If you had a librarian come to your class who said that class handouts will be posted on the web, go to the library's home page and click on Research Education under the "Reference" heading. On the next page, click on the "Handouts and links from Research Education classes". Or, go directly to Research Education Classes.


32. Can alumni of UM-Dearborn use the library?

Yes, alumni are welcome to come in and use the library. You can get a library card to check out books and you are eligible to access a limited number of research databases. See Alumni Services for more information.
33. Can alumni of UM-Dearborn use the wireless network?

For a fee, alumni of UM-Dearborn, UM-Ann Arbor, and UM-Flint may request access to the UM-Dearborn wireless network and ITS computer lab. See ITS Accounts for more information. Library guests are not able to access the wireless network.

34. Do UM-Dearborn alumni have borrowing privileges at UM-Ann Arbor libraries?

No, but you may purchase a guest card at the Hatcher Graduate Library.
35. Do UM-Ann Arbor or UM-Flint alumni alumni have borrowing privileges at the Mardigian Library?

No, but you may purchase a guest card at the Mardigian Library.

Other Help

36. Where is the library located? Where do I park?

We are centrally located on the UM-Dearborn main campus between the University Center and the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems. A map, directions, and parking information can be found at Directions and maps.
37. How late is the library open? How late is the Library Research Center (reference desk) open?

For current hours, see the Hours page.
38. I'm looking for a job in the library. Where do you post job openings?

The Job Openings page shows current regular staff openings and a link to Student Jobs.
39. I have a disability. How can the library help me?

See the Library Users with Disabilities page.
40. Where is contact information for library staff?

See the Staff Information page.
41. What are the telephone numbers for Library Administration, Circulation, and Reference?


• Library Administration is 313-593-5400
• Circulation is 313-593-5559
• Reference is 313-593-5563

Other Library Information

42. Do library computers have word processing software like Microsoft Word?

No, but students may us the ITS computer labs, which support a variety of software packages.
43. Does the library offer wireless access to the Internet?

Yes, however, for security reasons, UM-Dearborn's wireless network is only available to members of the UM-Dearborn community. For more information, see: Networking & Wireless.
44. Does the library have a public fax?

Yes. Please see information about the library's fax service on our News blog.
45. Does the library have a public scanner or color printer?

No, but students may use the ITS computer labs. See Hardware in Labs for more information.
46. Where is the library's computer lab? What are its hours? What software does it have? Do they charge for printing?

The computer lab is on the first floor of the library under the stairway to the left as you enter the main library entrance. For more information about the computer lab, see the ITS Computer Labs web site (the lab is operated by UM-Dearborn's Information Technology Services, not the library).

47. I'm looking for someone to proctor a test. Is there someone in the library who can do this?

No, we do not do this.

48. Is food allowed in the library?

Food and beverages are permitted in the library, except at library computers. Club Capuccino (313-336-3145), near the library entrance, offers specialty coffees, muffins, bagels, croissants, and more. Delivery of food to the library (such as pizza) is not permitted.

49. Does the library have food or beverage vending machines?

No, but beverages and snacks may be purchased at Club Capuccino (313-336-3145), near the library entrance or at McKinley Cafe in the University Center.
50. I want to donate books to the library. How can I do that?

The UM-Dearborn library accepts gifts of materials from students, faculty, and the general public. For more information about what is accepted and how to make a donation, see Gifts-In-Kind Donations.
51. How can I leave a comment or suggestion for the library?

From the library's home page, click on the Comments & Suggestions link. Alternatively, go directly to General Comments or Book Purchase Suggestions.
52. What is the next book that the R.E.A.D. Book Club will be discussing? When and where is the next meeting?

Check the Book Club news blog.
53. What new books, films, etc. have been added to the library collection?

Check the New Books web pages. To be notified by e-mail about new purchases in an area of interest, create a Preferred Search in My Library Account.
54. Do you have a library newsletter? A newsblog?

Yes, the Mardigian Library has a newsletter that you can download at Newsletter. We also have many RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. From the library's home page, click on ...more News. or go directly Mardigian Library News.
55. Is there somewhere in the library where I can buy pens, blue books, etc.?

A vending machine with blue books, scantrons, and basic office supplies such as pens and pencils is available in the alcove to the right of the elevators on the first floor.

Related Information

56. I heard that there is a TV production studio in the library. Can I use it for a class assignment or for a student organization project?

Yes. To see what services are available and for more information, see Campus Media Services.
57. Where is the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery? What is the next exhibit and when is the opening?

The Berkowitz Gallery is on the 3rd floor of the library - directly in front of you as you exit the elevator. For more information about the gallery and exhibit dates, see the gallery web site and the university calendar.
58. What is Civic Engagement and where can I find it?

The Civic Engagement Project has an office on the 2nd floor of the library. For more information about the Civic Engagement Project, check out their Web site.
59. Where is the Armenian Research Center?

The Armenian Research Center is not in the library; it is in the Academic Support Center. Call 593-5181 for hours and information.
60. Where is the pay phone?

The nearest pay phone is in the University Center, near the Information Desk.
Mardigian Library, 4901 Evergreen Rd.
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