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Library Users with Disabilities

The staff of the Mardigian Library is committed to providing equal access to persons with disabilities. In order to best meet those needs, the policy and procedures that follow establish guidelines and define responsibilities for the Library, Counseling and Support Services, and UM-Dearborn students and other library users.

Information for Library Users


  • UM-Dearborn students with disabilities should register with Counseling and Support Services, 313-593-5430, in order to be identified as a student in need of special services.
  • Like all library users, persons with disabilities can receive research assistance from the Library Research Center staff. UM-Dearborn students who need extensive help are encouraged to make appointments by calling the Library Research Center at 313-593-5563 or using the online form at
  • Library users who need physical assistance retrieving library materials (for example, reaching a book or journal on a high shelf) can ask for assistance from library staff at the Circulation Desk.
  • Library users who need more than brief assistance reading print or online texts are encouraged to bring a personal assistant to the library when doing research, or to use the assistive technology provided by Counseling and Support Services.
  • Members of the UM-Dearborn campus community who require any other accommodations should contact the library and/or Counseling and Support Services as appropriate to make arrangements.

Equipment & Access

  • A height-adjustable computer workstation is available in the reference area on the first floor.
  • Assistive technology for UM-Dearborn students with disabilities is located at the back of room 1070 (the computer lab) in the library building. The office of Counseling and Support Services provides this equipment and trains students in its use. When the computer lab is closed, students who are registered with Counseling and Support Services can ask library staff to contact Public Safety to admit them to the room.
  • Elevators are designed according to state law with Braille floor numbers and an audio signal that indicates when the elevators are on the ground level. Designated accessible parking spaces are available near the entrance. Electronically operated front entrance doors provide easy access to the building. Phones on each floor provide contact with the circulation desk for emergency assistance. All restrooms are designed to be accessible.

Additional Information for Library Staff

  • Students with disabilities should register with Counseling and Support Services in order to be identified as a student in need of special services. Library staff can contact CSS at 313-593-5430 if they need to confirm that a student is registered. The Head of Circulation will obtain a list of registered students from CSS each semester.
  • Library staff can make other accommodations as necessary, such as extending loan periods. Staff should check the list of registered students if possible when providing accommodations.
  • Counseling and Support Services staff will refer UM-Dearborn students who need research assistance to the Library Research Center.
  • When the ITS Computer Lab in the library is closed, circulation staff will contact Public Safety, 593-9953, to admit registered students into the lab so they can access the assistive equipment room.
  • If a UM-Dearborn student or other member of the UM-Dearborn community with disabilities needs frequent assistance that is difficult for library staff to provide, library staff should contact Counseling and Support Services to discuss possible alternatives for providing assistance

Approved: Library A-Team
August 28, 2003

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