I will ask those who are excessively loud to please speak lower IF the staff will back me up. I think other students would too, but we need the staff to back us up.
I have not noticed much trash, and pick up anything I do see. Maybe that is getting better.

Love the library

#1 Kathy Christensen on 2009-02-02 17:35
Thank you for your comment. I assure you that library staff members will back you up. They are supported by evening security guard and Public Safety Officers are "on call" if the situation warrants.

To be address this annoying problem effectively, it is essential that library staff be informed when people are being disruptive.

Incidentally, we are exploring ways that students may notify us of problems without having to leave their seats. I hope to have more on that before the end of the Winter Term.
#2 Tim Richards on 2009-02-03 14:31
I was at the library Tuesday around 2:00pm conducting research and 2 different people that used the computer to my right took phone calls. These are not urgent phone calls - they are "what's up?" and "what's going on later?" calls. When a full volume conversation commenced at the computers behind me I gave it 20 minutes and then finally gave up and left. It's too hard to concentrate there. I've tried sitting in a cubby in the back of the library and phone calls go on there too - and that's where you will ALWAYS have to remove someone's food wrappers before sitting down. I've also tried reading at out of the way places in CASL and SSB but there is absolutely no place to escape cell phone conversations and concentrate. I was raised to respect the integrity of the people using the library and never speak unless absolutely necessary and then only a whisper. The students using the library today don't have any etiquette and show no respect for others. No place is sacred. My suggestion is to ban cell phone use in the library (just like the classroom). If you need to take a call go outside. Also, I would like to see the staff stroll the library discouraging conversations and calls. My job right now is to study - the library staffs job is to create the appropriate environment for me to do that. Thank you.
#3 Annonymous on 2009-02-04 12:45
Thank you foir your comment. Inconsiderate use of cell phones is a common problem in our society, as you point out.

It would be wonderful if everyone who enters the librray shared your vlauers.
Unfortunatley, that is not the casxe. The library eand Public Safety empl;oy a security guard in the evenings precisely to monitor and manage inappropriate behavior.

We are trying very hard to create and sustain an environment that is conducive to research, study and reflection. We cannot do that unless we have the cooperation of those who use the library.
#3.1 Tim Richards on 2009-02-06 10:35
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