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Mac OS X Problems

Mac OS X may have problems displaying NetLibrary PDF files.

  • Adobe Reader 7 may work for some browsers. Version 10.2.2 of Mac OS X is required if you use Adobe Reader 7.
  • Adobe Reader 6 cannot support NetLibrary's PDF..
  • Shubert|it PDF Browser Plugin - Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, Opera, Netscape, and Internet Explorer display NetLibrary pdfs best with this plugin. Install it by opening the .dmg file you download, then copy PDF Browser Plugin.plugin to your Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder. This plugin does not seem to work with Safari. Internet Explorer needs additional configuration; see below. If you have problems with Firefox, see additional information below.
      • Internet Explorer - configure the Schubert|it plugin, by clicking on Explorer and Preferences.
        In Receiving Files, click File Helpers. Click Add... Fill out the Edit File Helper window:
        • Description: Adobe PDF files
        • Extension: PDF
        • MIME type: Application/PDF
        • File type: .PDF
        • How to handle: View with Plug-in
        • Plug-in name: PDF Browser Plugin.plugin
      • Firefox - if Firefox is not configured to handle NetLibrary PDFs, you will get a dialog box asking you what to do with the file. If you have already installed the Schubert|it plugin or Adobe Reader 7:
        • Click the Choose button
        • Find either the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder and choose PDF Browser Plugin.plugin, or navigate to the Applications folder in the hard drive, then navigate into the Adobe folder and select the Adobe application.
        • Click OK.
        • If you are using the Shubert|it plugin it will open in the same browser window in Firefox but if you are using Adobe Reader 7 the document will open in its own window.
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