Associate Director for User & Technical Services

About Me

I am the Associate Director for User & Technical Services. In my position, I work with the department heads for User Services (Quick reference, Circulation, Inter-library loan, Shelving), Technical Services (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Serials), Systems (online catalog system, library digital tools, library website), and the Berkowitz Gallery. I also work with development initiatives for the library and our Campus Relations Committee. For the past three years, Dr. Danielle DeFauw from CEHHS and I have worked together to organize the annual Young Authors’ Festival. For many years, I worked with Dr. Sidney Bolkosky and Dr. Jamie Wraight on the Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive. Preserving these memories for future generations is a passion of mine. I also work with our Juvenile Historic Collection.

I have a Master’s of Science in Librarianship degree from Western Michigan University. My Bachelor of Arts degree is in Mathematics from Andrews University. My professional experience has been in academic, public, and corporate libraries.

My Subject Areas

Juvenile Literature

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