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Help using library databases

If you need more help, please Ask a Question!

Who can use library databases

  • Off campus access is limited to students registered for the current term, faculty, and staff.
  • Students who are not taking classes this semester but need access to databases for course-related research (such as finishing an incomplete) should ask for help through Ask a Question.
  • Anyone is welcome to use databases at computers in the library building.
  • All Michigan residents can use selected databases from their homes or offices through the Michigan eLibrary or at your local public library.

How off-campus access works

  • You will be automatically asked for your Last Name, UMID, and library PIN after you click on a database or journal link - see example of authentication screen below.
  • If you receive an error message, please contact the library for assistance.
  • AOL users may need to use a different web browser; minimize the AOL software and use a current version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla.
  • You may occasionally see the UM-Ann Arbor library authentication screen. Follow their instructions for setting up and using a UM-AA library password.

If you're having problems



Privacy settings - Browser Cookies

  • Internet Explorer 6.*:
    • Select Tools > Internet Options.
    • In the Options window, click on the "Privacy" tab.
    • If a default setting is used, you will see a sliding scale to indicate what the security settings are. The security setting should be no higher than "Medium High" to allow authentication.
    • Optional Instructions (Ignore if you're not using a custom or advanced setting):
      • If you wish the security setting to be "High," but would still like to authenticate to use the research databases, click on "Edit " on the options window. A new window will pop up. In the box labeled "Address of Web site," type " " (without quotes) and click on "Allow."
      • If you are not using one of the default settings or would like to customize your cookie settings, click on the "Advanced" button on the Options window. A new window will pop up. Put a check in the box for " Override automatic cookie handling." Make sure that the "block " option under first party cookies is NOT selected.
  • Firefox
    • Select Tools > Options
    • At the top of the Options window, select Privacy
    • Check "Allow sites to set cookies"
    • If you do not want to allow all sites to select cookies:
      • click on "Exceptions"
      • add and select "Allow"
  • Netscape 7.*, Mozilla 1.*:
    • Select Edit > Preferences.
    • In the preferences window, click on the arrow next to "Privacy & Security" to expand those options.
    • Highlight "Cookies." Make sure that the "Disable cookies " option is NOT the one selected.
    • Optional Instructions (Ignore if you're not using a custom or advanced setting):
      • If the option "Enable cookies based on privacy settings" is selected, either choose one of the other options or click on the view button next to that option to edit your cookie settings.
      • In order to authenticate, low, medium, and high security settings may be used.
      • If using a custom setting, the option "Site has no privacy policy" must NOT be set to "reject" under the column for First Party Cookies. (keep in mind that the more cookies you reject, the less likely you are to keep a marked list or save searches when using a database).
  • Netscape 4.*:
    • Select Edit > Preferences.
    • In the preferences window, highlight "Advanced."
    • Make sure that the "Disable cookies" option is NOT the one selected.

UM-Dearborn Authentication Screen

UM-Dearborn authentication screen example

UM-Ann Arbor Authentication Screen

UM-Ann Arbor Authentication Screen Example


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