BrowZine™ —  Journals on Your Tablet!

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your iPad or Android tablet for browsing. Like the Current Periodicals area at the library, BrowZine emphasizes current awareness and browsing over focused research or searching.

It brings journal content together from multiple publishers and platforms into a single place, where you can save your favorite journals, view the tables of contents, and read or save articles, as new issues are released.

This is a unique, new library product, and we’re excited for you to try it out! Please let us know how it works for you at


What isn’t BrowZine?

BrowZine is not designed for in-depth research or searching. For that, we recommend Summon™ or the many databases and indexes that the Mardigian Library subscribes to. If you have questions about the best source for your research needs, please contact the Library Research Center.


Who is it for?

People who want to stay current on articles being published in their field - researchers, faculty, administrators, graduate students and anyone else with favorite titles.


How do I get BrowZine? What devices are supported?

BrowZine is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Kindle App Store. It’s a free download, but make sure to choose “University of Michigan – Dearborn” from the list of libraries so you have access to the journals we subscribe to.

For now, BrowZine is available for all versions of the iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1 or later, and on Android tablets running Android 4.0 or higher, including the Google Nexus 7 or 10, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Versions for iPhones and Android smartphones will be released sometime in the fall.

BrowZine is only available as an app for mobile devices, and is not available for laptop or desktop computers. Currently there is not support for Windows tablets.


Will it work off campus?

Yes! If you run into problems, however, please contact us at


Why aren’t certain journals included?

As a new service, BrowZine started with a small set of publishers, and is adding more on a regular basis. To get notified about new additions, check their website or sign up for their newsletter.

Some publishers that are included are AIP, Brill, Cambridge, Ebsco, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, OVID, Oxford, ProQuest, Sage and Taylor and Francis. Access to titles that the Mardigian Library subscribes to should continue to grow, but please contact the Library Research Center to suggest titles, and we will pass the suggestion along to BrowZine.


Where is the back content?

BrowZine is a tool to access current journal content. To search for articles, or access backfile content, please use one of our other access options, such as the Find Journals page for the older content of specific journals, or one of our databases or Summon™ for articles.


How can I get help or find more information?

Contact the Library Research Center for help getting or using BrowZine. In addition, Third Iron, the company that created BrowZine, has an extensive support section on their website.

And, check out this review in the Chronicle of Higher Education!


Advanced FAQs

Are preprint or prepublication articles included?

Probably not. Articles are available once they are bundled into an issue, so preprint articles that have not been assigned to an article will probably not be accessible.


Is there an embargo on any of the articles?

Nope! Articles in journal titles for which the library has a current subscription and whose publisher is supported by BrowZine can be accessed as soon as they’re published digitally and assigned a DOI by the organization CrossRef. For more information about DOIs and CrossRef, see CrossRef's Fast Facts.


Will links to other articles from the bibliographies or footnotes work?

Links in articles should work, if we have a subscription to the journal being linked to. If you get an error message, please email us at


Will BrowZine work without an internet connection?

Articles which have been saved can be found in the Saved Articles area, and can be read off-line, but other features will not work.


Can articles be printed?

BrowZine doesn’t offer a printing function, but articles can be opened in other apps that do allow printing, like Dropbox or iBooks, Use the icon in the upper right hand corner (three little squares in Android, a rectangle with an arrow in iOS) to open an article in a different app. The apps that are available there will depend on which you have installed on your tablet.


Can I export articles to RefWorks or Mendeley?

Currently, the only supported citation management service is Zotero, but BrowZine is working on support for RefWorks and Mendeley.


A journal on my bookshelf is greyed out, and won’t open. How do I fix it?

Hold your finger down on the journal until it begins to move. Click the X in the corner, then find the journal via the subject browse or title search, and add it again.