In winter 2016, Mardigian Library staff began a library-wide project to review and revise our assessment strategies for evaluating how well our services support our students and the mission of both the library and university. Teams of staff members looked at three areas: Instruction and Learning Services (instruction in the classroom), our Collection (electronic and physical), and our User Services (in-person and virtual reference help, circulation of materials, building usage).

Each team researched ways to assess the impact of their area on student success. During the summer and fall of 2016, we will be pilot testing several assessment strategies for each of the three areas. These tests will help determine the success of a strategy and its sustainability as we move forward in our effort to re-design our assessment tools.

Our project ties in with the campus-wide initiative to review learning outcomes and the best ways to assess student success. Assessment is more than just numbers, it must be meaningful and relatable in addition to being measurable. It should also be sustainable and manageable so we can compare data over time to see trends and make informed decisions in how we help our students and use our resources wisely.

We will regularly post our progress and results of assessment strategies that we pilot this summer and fall.

Progress Reports

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