Per the Governor's Executive Order, the Mardigian Library / Stamelos Gallery Center building will be closed until further notice. The Mardigian Library will continue to provide virtual research support. Librarians and Library Staff are available to answer questions from faculty, staff, and students during virtual library hours, either by email or chat. For further impact on library services, click here.

Library Virtual Hours:
There will be no virtual hours for the Memorial Day weekend (May 23 - May 25).
Monday-Thursday 8 am to 9 pm  |  Friday 8 am to 6 pm  |  Saturday & Sunday noon to 6 pm


Who can borrow materials

University of Michigan Students, Faculty, and Staff

Currently registered UM-Dearborn students, faculty, and staff may use all library services, including off-campus database access. Graduate students not taking classes but working on a thesis/disseration can be granted library privileges via the Graduate Student Verification form. UM-Ann Arbor and Flint students, faculty, and staff may borrow circulating books and audiovisual items.

All UM borrowers must present a valid MCard (UM photo ID card) in order to check out materials.

UM-Dearborn Visiting Scholars

UM-Dearborn Visiting Scholars may use all library services by completing the Visiting Scholar verification form.

UM-Dearborn Alumni

UM-Dearborn alumni receive free borrowing privileges: more information.

Retired UM-Dearborn Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who have retired from the university are eligible for library services. Please contact the Head of User Services for more information (313-593-5695).

Guest Cards

The public may purchase a guest card, which is effective for one calendar year. Guest cards allow the patron to borrow circulating books and audiovisual materials - up to three total items at one time. Loan periods vary depending on the type of material; read more about loan periods. Guest card holders cannot use the card to access library databases or e-books from outside of the library

  • Guest cards may be purchased for $60.
  • Senior citizens, age 65 and older, may purchase guest cards for $30.

To apply for a guest card, please ask at the User Services Desk.

Students and Faculty From Other Colleges and Universities:

MeLCat Visiting Patron libraries

Students and faculty from MeLCat libraries who participate in Visiting Patron may borrow materials from the UM-Dearborn library with their home library card and a photo ID. Currently registered UM-Dearborn students may go to any library that participates in MeLCat Visting Patron and check out materials using their MCard (UM photo ID card) and a photo ID.

Local college and university libraries that participate in MeLCat Visiting Patron include HFCC, WSU, OU, and EMU. Check the list of participating libraries to see the full list of libraries that allow visiting patrons.

InfoPass institutions

Students and staff from the following schools need to have an Infopass to borrow materials from the UM-Dearborn library. You must get an Infopass from your university or college library before coming to the Mardigian Library. Infopass borrowers may check out 3 items at a time, with one 3-week renewal. You must show the Infopass and a photo ID. Currently registered UM-Dearborn students must also obtain an Infopass from the Mardigian Library before borrowing materials from these schools:

More information on the InfoPass is available from SEMLOL.

Reciprocal Borrowing institutions

Current students, faculty, and staff from the following schools may borrow materials from the UM-Dearborn library, and currently registered UM-Dearborn students, and current faculty and staff may borrow materials from these libraries.

At our library, qualified students, faculty, staff, and librarians from these institutions may check out 3 items at a time, with one 3-week renewal. You must show proof of current registration (if a student), a letter from your institution or recent pay stub (if faculty, staff, or librarian), university library card/ID, and picture ID.

Did you know?

  • 3D Printer in the Library
  • The Mardigian Library has one LulzBot 3D printer and we offer a 3D printing service for current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  • Please visit our 3D Printing Service page for information on 3D printing, resources for students and faculty, and how to submit your 3D Print Requests.