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How do I Request - Books

You can request books from other libraries using the library's interlibrary loan services. There are no fees for UM-Dearborn students, faculty, or staff to place these requests. We recommend going in the following order to find books from other libraries:

Get This

"Get This" is a service of the University Libraries in Ann Arbor. Current UM-Dearborn students, faculty and staff can request items from the UM-Ann Arbor and UM-Flint libraries, and have them delivered to the Dearborn library by using the MLibrary catalog. To use Get This, following the instructions on our page.

Questions about requesting books through Get This?
Reach out to the Ask a Librarian service in Ann Arbor.


MeLCat is a library resource sharing service available to participating Michigan libraries. You can request books by going to and enter the title, author, or keywords in the MeLCat Search box on the homepage. To order books and other materials through MeLCat, follow these instructions on the MeLCat website.

Library users who belong to a MelCat library can:

  1. Search for books, CD's, and DVD's from libraries across the state of Michigan.
  2. Request materials be delivered to the Mardigian Library.
  3. Checkout books in person at select "Visiting Patron" libraries.
MeLCat items requested at UM-Dearborn may only be picked up and returned at the Mardigian Library.

Questions? Reach out through any of our contact options.

Step-by-Step Instructions for requesting books through ILLiad

Physical items, including books, can be requested for delivery to the Mardigian Library or to University Libraries in Ann Arbor. Textbooks are very hard to obtain through interlibrary loan. Try MeLCat instead. To place a request:

  1. Log into ILLiad at
  2. Click on the Loan (book, microform, AV, etc) link next to Place a Request at the top of the ILLiad Form
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible. Make sure to fill out required fields.
    • Including an ISBN number will increase the speed with which your request is filled.
  4. When you have completed the form, click the "Submit Request" button.
    • Click on All Requests in the left sidebar to check the status of your request
  5. You will be notified by email when your book is available.
    • Click on Completed Requests in the left sidebar to see all of your completed ILLiad requests.

Questions about requesting books through ILLIAD?
Reach out to the ILLIAD service in Ann Arbor.

Did you know?

  • Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff are eligible for a free digital subscription to the New York Times (NYT) (some limitations apply) and Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

  • Access requires creation of accounts for each site. Full details and setup instructions are available on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal setup pages.