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Proxy Cards

Current UM-Dearborn students, faculty and staff may designate a Proxy Card holder to check out, renew, and return library items on their behalf.

The account holder is responsible for all items checked out on their account, including arranging for the return of all items, promptly responding to library notices, and any fines or fees that may be acquired. The proxy card holder is not responsible for the items.

  • What is a proxy card?

    A proxy card authorizes a designated individual to check out, renew, and return library items on behalf of a current UM-Dearborn student, faculty or staff member.

    Proxy card holders may:

    • Check out items for the account holder's use (including any items on hold for pick-up)
    • Renew most items for the account holder in person or over the phone if item barcodes are known and the items are eligible for renewal
    • Pay fines or fees in person (see Fines & Fees for other payment options)
    • Receive receipts for items checked out, items renewed, or payments made on the account

    Proxy card holders may not:

    • Check out items for the proxy card holder's personal use (the proxy card holder must use their library account for personal items)
    • Access, view or edit the account holder's library account or personal information, renew items online, or pay fines or fees online

  • Do proxy cards expire?

    Yes. Proxy cards may be issued for up to three semesters (one calendar year). The account holder will designate the expiration date on the application.

    Account holders are limited to two designated proxies at any time. Proxy cards are not intended for one time use, and are non-transferable.

  • Can the proxy card be cancelled or revoked before its expiration?

    Yes. If the account holder wishes to cancel the card for any reason, please contact the Library.

  • How are proxy cards used?

    The designated proxy will receive a library card that includes their name, as well as the information for the account holder that they represent. The proxy will need this card as well as a photo ID (such as their MCard or state ID) to check out items on the library account.

  • How do I request a proxy card?

    To request a proxy card, please complete the Proxy Card Application. This fillable PDF should be emailed from the account holder directly to library staff:
    Applications should not be delivered to the library by the proxy; any applications delivered in this way will not be accepted.

Questions? Reach out through any of our contact options.

Did you know?

  • Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff are eligible for a free digital subscription to the New York Times (NYT) (some limitations apply) and Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

  • Access requires creation of accounts for each site. Full details and setup instructions are available on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal setup pages.